I'm Sam Oakley, an iOS & Android Developer.

Here are some of the apps I'm working on:

Pretext App Icon for iOS 14


Pretext is a simple but feature-filled Markdown and plain text editor

‪Pretext is designed to work seamlessly with iCloud Drive and other file providers. This means you can open files directly from your Files app, and any changes are saved right back, available to use on other devices and in other applications.

Pinner App Icon for iOS 7


A delightful app for managing your Pinboard.in bookmarks

Pinner syncs your pinboard.in bookmarks to your iPhone or iPad. Enjoy reading them from the comfort of your device with this simple and easy to use app.

Tasked App Icon for iOS 7


A simple to-do list app for iPhone.

Create, sort, mark, delete. Tasked uses the built-in reminders functionality of iOS with a simple, colourful design to give you a back to basics approach for your to-do lists.

APOD App Icon

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Get the latest pictures from NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day

APOD automatically updates your Android phone or tablet's wallpaper with each new image from NASA. Browse the archives and discover the wonders of the galaxy.

My open source libraries and other contributions are available at GitHub.